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Home Tutors

All our tutors are highly qualified and experienced in offering one to one tuition in a home environment, either the tutor’s or student’s home. This allows tutors to assess the ability and performance of each student in a supportive environment and to highlight areas where the student requires support, extra skills, exam practice, revision techniques or further challenge to extend learning.

One to one tuition enables students to ask the questions that they can’t ask at school and is all about the individual learning of each student at their own pace, targeting the areas where the student has fallen behind or is struggling or may need support in applying knowledge to exam questions.

As well as raising academic achievement, home tutors can help develop independent learning skills and also boost the confidence of students, both in and out of the class room. Each tutor has their own style of teaching so it may also be possible to find a tutor that meets the specific needs and learning style of individual students.

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Online Tutors

Several of our tutors are highly experienced in offering online tuition, which enables students from anywhere in the UK and the world to access One Stop Tutors. Online tuition is recommended when a tutor and student are not in the same location and makes use of the Internet and other online tools to teach and learn remotely. Tutors use Skype, a webcam, email and an interactive whiteboard to interact and create a dynamic learning environment. Lessons are individually tailored to meet the student’s academic needs and can be an effective, convenient and flexible alternative for students wanting to access experienced tutors in a specific subject.

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Special Needs Tutors

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One Stop Tutors offer experienced tutors who specialise in teaching pupils with dyslexia, ADHD, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and other learning difficulties. We have specialised tutors at different levels from primary to secondary to adult education with all tutors providing tailored tuition to meet the students’ individual needs.

Home Education

Science imageTutors can help home educated children with a range of skills and subjects, from academic such as English, Maths, Science, Languages to more leisure or project based interests like music, crafts or computer skills. We have primary and secondary tutors experienced in home education, either on a one to one or for small group activities.

Please get in touch to find out if we can help.

UCAS Application Support

chapThis service supports students towards writing a personal statement for UCAS which shows them off at their very best. For many students this is the first time they have had to write a personal statement and it can be difficult to know how to ‘show off’ and make the application stand out. The personal statement is very short and every sentence counts. For a fixed fee you will receive:

  • an initial chat about the courses you are applying for, which of your skills and experiences are most relevant, and how you can present these in the most positive way
  • written feedback on your first draft, and your second draft if needed, and further support by phone or in person
  • detailed proofreading of the final version of your statement.

We also have tutors who are able to offer support with applications for specific courses such as Medicine or Veterinary Science as well as Oxbridge applications.

Exam entrance preparation | 11+ | ISEB

For students taking 11+ exams or applying to independent schools we offer experienced tutors who can support in the preparation for 11+, ISEB (Independent School Examination Board) and common entrance exams.

The main focus of 11+ exams is Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning tests, though some independent schools also use their own selection criteria with exams in Maths, English and Science as well. Much of the preparation for 11+ can be done by practising Verbal reasoning and Non-Verbal reasoning test papers at home with parental support. If additional help is required our tutors can assess the ability of students and provide a programme of tuition that is engaging and enjoyable, aiming to develop skills and academic ability as well as prepare pupils for specific exams.

11+ tuition can be one to one with an individual tutor or may be offered as small activity groups (6 maximum) so that pupils practise skills and exam techniques in an environment which also helps to prepare them for the exam itself. 11+ exams take place early in the autumn term of year 6 so it is generally advised that students start preparation in the autumn term of year 5 to allow plenty of time to secure knowledge and skills and practise exam technique. Final preparation for the 11+ exams takes place in August and September. Please get in touch to find out more.

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CV and Job Application Support

This service is available to students and people of all ages and in all walks of life. It usually focuses on a particular job application or set of applications, and for a fixed fee you will receive:

  • a meeting to help you get started: we will talk about the roles and organisations you are aiming for, and help you to think through how to connect your skills and experience with the job description and the needs of the organisation;
  • once you have a more well-developed draft of your CV and/or application, written feedback, and support by phone or in person to discuss how you could polish it further;
  • detailed proofreading of your final documents.

Oxbridge Preparation

Applying for university is always a big step, but Oxford and Cambridge have requirements that can seem particularly daunting and it can be hard to know how to prepare. We offer bespoke support with preparation for Oxford and Cambridge applications, including the UCAS form, entrance examinations, and interviews. This depends on the appropriate subject tutor being available. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Discussion Groups

Knowledge and information is only a starting point rather than an end in itself. It is important that students develop the ability to analyse events, interpret data, present arguments, criticise effectively and present evidence. It is also vital to be able to put knowledge into context, to be aware of current affairs, to build confidence in the use of language and presentation skills and how to work effectively in a team.

Discussion groups will provide a context in which to raise awareness of these issues and to practise the skills outlined. Topics discussed may extend beyond the curriculum and offer students and adults the opportunity to gain further insight into ‘world affairs’.

Exam and Revision Techniques

Despite the intense focus on exams and grades in education today, students do not always get all the help they need to perform at their best. Revising effectively is a skill which can be learned and developed, and the strategies students use within the exam itself can be worked on and improved. On this course students will learn a range of revision skills including ways of taking notes, memorisation techniques, developing a revision timetable, and improving motivation, and exam skills such as coping with pressure and structuring written answers.

This course is not specific to any particular subject, as the skills taught are applicable to all academic subjects.

The course is available to, and recommended for, secondary school students of all ages, either as one-to- one tuition or in small groups.

Note that there is some overlap with the Thinking and Learning Skills course, in the areas of memorisation techniques, time management, and organisation.

A level and GCSE Revision Courses

AS, A level and GCSE revision courses are offered in several subjects by subject specific tutors, including Maths, English and Science. These courses offer structured revision opportunities, aiming to consolidate knowledge, focus learning, reinforce skills and application of knowledge in exam questions as well as increase confidence. The courses are 3 hour sessions with AS and A level courses offered as 1 or 2 day courses.

Thinking and Learning Skills

On this course, students will discover and develop abilities they never knew they had, and which can boost their confidence and their progress. They will learn effective methods for memorisation and recall, and discover that their memory is better than they thought it was. They will learn how to do effective research and apply critical thinking to sources of information. They will develop lateral thinking skills for approaching problem solving in new and more creative ways. In addition, students will learn techniques to improve their time management, organisation, note-taking, and teamworking skills.

The course can be adapted to suit particular students in terms of which skills are included and how long the course lasts. The course is particularly recommended for pairs or small groups but is also offered as one-to- one tuition. It is available to, and recommended for, secondary school students of all ages.

Note that there is some overlap with the Exam and Revision Techniques course, in the areas of memorisation techniques, time management, and organisation.

Stress Management

We are aware that many students get stressed or overwhelmed with the demands of ‘keeping up’ at school and this can be exacerbated in the lead up to exams. Tutors can help students organise themselves more efficiently which can play an important part in reducing stress. Tutors can help by:-

  • Encouraging students to organize notes, books and folders more effectively
  • Helping students to plan revision timetables
  • Assessing work and giving clear, positive and constructive feedback
  • Helping students to understand difficult concepts
  • Tackling tricky exam questions in a supportive environment
  • Teaching exam and revision techniques
  • Boosting confidence, independence and organizational skills
  • Providing strategies for parents to get involved and provide support
  • Recommending general stress management techniques


Students showing signs of more severe stress or anxiety are a concern, not least because stress can reduce the ability to think clearly and adversely affects performance and the general health of the individual. In these cases we may recommend stress management counsellors who can provide more specific advice on managing and reducing stress.

We will also be offering stress management courses and workshops run by highly qualified Harrogate counsellors. These will be aimed at both students and their parents to alleviate some of the anxiety caused by the pressure of exams. Please get in touch for more information.


Teenage Stress and Wellbeing

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Andrea Edmondson is an expert on how positive and negative stress impacts our wellbeing.  Through education and coaching, she equips people with the knowledge, skills and mindset to manage stress and optimise their wellbeing. 

Her approach is based on neuroscience, the science of stress and the process of self-regulation. She designs and delivers workshops to schools and businesses and is currently offering free online stress workshops to teenagers and their parents. She also offers one to one coaching in person or via phone or video. 

M: 07901 970159    W: andreaedmondson.co.uk     E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.