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  • Lesson rates are set by individual tutors so will vary from one tutor to another. Individual tuition rates will depend on the length of each lesson as well as the qualifications and relevant experience of each tutor.
  • Some tutors may charge extra travel expenses depending on how far the tutor has to travel. This should be discussed when the student first meets the tutor. As a general rule, many tutors may travel within a 3-5 mile radius from their home without adding extra costs. If greater distances are traveled then extra fees may be added to cover both travel expenses and time.
  • Individual tutors may offer discounts for block booking and payment in advance.
  • For further information on hourly tuition rates please go to the tutor gallery.

Tutor Gallery

Hourly rates

Hourly rates for tuition are guided by local average industry rates which are:

Primary tuition

£30.00 per hour

KS3 / GCSE tuition

£30.00 - £40.00 per hour

A level tuition

£35.00 - £50.00 per hour

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