Here are the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question not covered by these, please contact One Stop Tutors by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., contact form or call 01423 861811.
  • How do I find a tutor with One Stop Tutors? +

    Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call 01423 861811 or use this website contact form to register your details. You will be asked to give specific details on the tuition required, along with contact details before we put you in touch with a local tutor

  • What qualifications and experience are required by tutors? +

    All tutors are qualified to at least degree level in their specialist subject area. Many tutors also have a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) or QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) whilst other tutors have post graduate degrees.

    All our tutors have some teaching and/or tutoring experience, though the level of experience may be reflected in the different rates charged. Several tutors are also examiners for exam boards or writers of curriculum resources.

  • Are all One Stop Tutors teacher qualified? +

    Most of our tutors are qualified teachers, some of them still teaching in schools and colleges today. Tutors without formal teaching qualifications instead offer years of tutoring experience or other professional qualifications and experience which make them very suited for the tuition role.

    Whilst a teacher qualification is helpful, the role of a one to one tutor is very different to that of a classroom teacher and therefore requires different skills.

  • What checks are carried out on tutors? +

    All One Stop Tutors have a DBS reference number (from the Disclosure and Barring Service, previously CRB checks) demonstrating that the tutor is enhanced DBS checked. We also take up at least two professional and personal references and informally interview each tutor. Ongoing checks are carried out on each tutor, by requesting feedback from students and parents.

    This said, parents are always entitled to request copies of certificates, references and qualifications from individual tutors and are encouraged to feedback both concerns and positive endorsements to One Stop Tutors.

  • How much does each lesson cost? +

    Lesson rates are set by individual tutors so will vary from one tutor to another. Individual tuition rates will depend on the length of each lesson as well as the qualifications and experience of each tutor.

    They are, however, guided by average industry rates which are:

    Primary tuition

    £25.00 - £28.00 per hour

    KS3 / GCSE tuition

    £27.00 - £32.00  per hour

    A level tuition

    £30.00 - £40.00 per hour

  • Do tutors offer discounts for block booking? +

    Some tutors may offer discounts for block booking lessons and paying in advance (eg. for 10 lessons). See details for tutors in the tutor gallery and ask the tutor directly if this is an option. This should not be a significant deciding factor when choosing a tutor but is a good way of making a longer term commitment.

  • How long is a tutor lesson? +

    Lessons are generally 1 hour long but can be shorter for younger children or music tuition. Older students sometimes book 1 and ½ hour lesson slots for more intensive GCSE and A level tuition. Please discuss options directly with your tutor.

  • How many lessons will each student require? +

    This is variable and depends very much on the requirements of the student and parent. In some cases, especially with primary pupils or students in key stage 3, a block of 6 tutor lessons may be enough to help them catch up and give the confidence boost required. In other situations students book tutors for the full course as a means of supporting their GCSE or A level studies. It is important that students don’t become reliant on their tutor but develop the skills and confidence to tackle exams independently.

  • How often should lessons take place? +

    Most students book a lesson at the same time each week as this makes it easier for both the tutor and student to timetable the lesson and keep to the same time slot. However, some students prefer to see their tutor every 2 weeks due to time or budget constraints. This is something that you can discuss with your tutor.

  • Do One Stop Tutors offer workshops or small group revision lessons? +

    This is an area that we are developing. Courses that may be on offer include SATs preparation workshops, 11+ classes, GCSE and A level subject specific revision courses. We will also be launching ‘thinking and learning’ skills along with general ‘revision and exam technique’ courses for KS3 through to A-level.

    Individual tutors may offer small group tuition in their own subject area.

  • Where do individual lessons take place? +

    Lessons take place either in the tutor’s home or in the student’s home, though some tutors are flexible depending on location. Please specify which you prefer when booking a tutor as this may dictate which tutors are available to you.

  • Which areas are covered by One Stop Tutors? +

    One Stop Tutors aim to provide tutors to cover Harrogate, Knaresborough, Wetherby, Boroughbridge and Ripon. We can take enquiries from further afield but students would have to be prepared to travel to meet our tutors.

  • What subjects do One Stop Tutors offer? +

    We have several Maths, English and Science tutors at primary level alongside qualified special needs assessors and teachers, including dyslexia and dyspraxia specialists.

    At secondary level we have qualified tutors in Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Business, Politics, French, Spanish and German. If we don’t have a tutor in the subject that you are seeking we will endeavour to find one for you.

  • Do you cater for different learning styles? +

    Each tutor has their own way of teaching which may suit some students more than others. Tutors also adapt their approach for each student so as to put them at ease and to get most from the lesson. Tutors may also use different resources, questioning techniques or methods of explanation in order to best meet the learning style of each student.

  • How do I cancel my tuition contract? How much notice do I need to give to cancel lessons? +

    It is usual to give at least 2 weeks notice to cancel a tuition contract, especially if this has been a long term tuition agreement. If less than 2 weeks notice is given the student may be charged for pre-booked lessons, at the tutor’s discretion.

  • What happens if I am sick or late to a lesson? +

    If a tutor or student need to cancel a session due to illness or unforeseen circumstances then the lesson will usually be rescheduled. At least 48 hours notice should be given for cancellation otherwise lesson fees could be charged at the full rate. This is at the discretion of individual tutors and could be discussed during your initial lesson.

  • Will I receive verbal feedback, written feedback or a progress report from my tutor? +

    Each tutor has their own way of giving feedback to both students and parents. Often primary tutors may speak to parents at the beginning or end of the lesson to discuss progress and follow up with written feedback at regular intervals. Secondary tutors give feedback verbally during the lesson but may also give written feedback or a formal report at appropriate times. This can be discussed with your tutor at the initial meeting.

  • Do students pay One Stop Tutors or pay individual tutors directly? +

    All students make payment arrangements directly with the tutor. Each tutor has their own preferred payment system which will be outlined on introduction, prior to the first lesson.

  • What method of payment do tutors accept? +

    Most tutors will accept cash, cheque or bank transfer payment. It may be possible to set up a regular standing order payment in some instances. The preferred payment method should be outlined by the tutor and agreed prior to the first lesson.

  • Do students have to pay travel expenses to the tutor as well as the hourly fee? +

    This will depend on how far the tutor has to travel and should be arranged as part of the introduction with each tutor. As a general rule, many tutors may travel within a 3-5 mile radius from their home without adding extra costs. If greater distances are travelled then extra fees may be added to cover both travel expenses and time.

  • Is there a charge for finding a tutor with One Stop Tutors? +

    No, students are not charged by One Stop Tutors for the introduction service. One Stop Tutors, however, may contact you after a few weeks to check on progress and ask for constructive feedback on the introduction service and the tuition provided.

  • Do tutors set homework at the end of each lesson? +

    Each tutor has their own policy on setting homework and marking. This can be discussed at your initial meeting with the tutor or during a progress check.

  • Will my tutor do my homework and/or exam coursework for me? +

    In a word, no! Whilst there are some tutors out there who will routinely do so, our tutors take a firm line on this approach. Tutors may provide support and guidance through individual homework tasks or coursework assignments but will not do student’s work for them. The role of the tutor is to promote independent learning and confidence, by encouraging students to have a go and teaching them different methods and skills to achieve themselves.

  • What if I don’t get along with the tutor recommended? +

    Occasionally, a student and individual tutor may not get along for various reasons and in some cases might even clash. If this occurs please contact One Stop Tutors in confidence by phone or email and you will be referred to another tutor. This will be dealt with discretely and is not a reflection on individual tutors or students but a recognition that a positive tutor student relationship is most productive for all concerned.

  • How do One Stop Tutors get feedback on their individual tutors? +

    After about 6 weeks One Stop Tutors will email feedback forms to students or parents. It is very helpful if constructive feedback is given so that tutors can improve where necessary and receive positive feedback too. Testimonials may also be received which is always a positive endorsement for a tutor and helpful in future promotion of their services.

  • Do One Stop Tutors offer any services to help 6th form students prepare for university or job applications? +

    Several of our tutors offer support with writing personal statements for UCAS, CVs and interview techniques. Some tutors are also able to offer specific support for Oxbridge entry or application to Medicine or Veterinary courses. In addition, we offer café style discussion groups on current affairs issues, aimed at both adults and 6th form students. These can help with interview preparation, develop many transferable skills but moreover are fun and interesting.

    See ‘Services’ for more information.


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