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Over recent months there have been many more enquiries for English tutors, mainly due to the demands of the new GCSE English and A level specifications. 

We are delighted to have Jo McGillan on board as one of our English Language specialists.  

Jo has a 1st Class BA Hons Degree in English Language & Linguistics and Education Studies. She is an experienced GCSE and A level tutor who is passionate about the English Language.  Jo's primary aim is to ensure her students reach their full potential, whatever their ability. She is a practising teacher of English and also works with the AQA exam board as a senior examiner at A level.  She is therefore well placed to achieve great results with students, particularly those studying A level English Language.  She especially enjoys motivating and engaging disillusioned students, giving them confidence and a new found focus in their studies.  In addition, Jo is well qualified to provide the extra challenge and knowledge demanded by students gifted in English.

Testimonials for Joanne McGillan:

  • I needed an English tutor for my son as he was struggling in class and needed his confidence and skill set building. I was put in touch with a wonderful lady, Jo McGillan, who was fantastic. My son actually enjoyed English for the first time and looked forward to attending. He learnt a lot and his confidence grew. Jo has an amazing ability to connect with people and teach them the skills they need in a really fun and enthusiastic way. Her approach with my son was perfect and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending. English is no longer a problem and I will be getting back in touch when GCSE exams approach. L. Barlow
  • Jo McGillan has boosted my confidence in English Language. Before I went to see her my target grade was an E and within 5 weeks I managed to achieve a B – I now have a target grade of an A! Jo was very helpful and welcoming when I felt I wasn’t able to do the subject and couldn’t enjoy it, and now I am taking it further and wish to continue my lessons with Jo as she gives you the help and support needed. L. Budge
  • Our daughter saw Jo McGillan for just a few lessons when she was struggling to analyse English text and  homework had become a bit of a challenge.  Within a couple of lessons the renewed confidence was evident as she gained new strategies from Jo which also encouraged her to add greater expression to written English pieces. Can’t recommend highly enough. D. Cardani


To find out more about Jo McGillan or any of our other tutors please go to Tutor Gallery; alternatively you can email or phone One Stop Tutors